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Directions: Refrigerate for an intensive massage, and a more soothing effect.

Roll with gentle to medium preside, depending on your preference, evenly across areas of the face.

Using the larger end for neck, cheeks and forehead and the smaller end for smaller spaces and around the eye area.

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Level up any beauty routine with the one Face Roller to rule them all. A gorgeous, weighted Rose Quartz & Rose Gold roller that’s soundless to use and makes your skin feel incredible.

She’s high end and feels fabulous in your hand, not to mention she’s fantastic at promoting the stimulation of your lymphatic system, reducing puffiness & water retention, promoting circulation and encouraging the rejuvenation of skin cells.

Great to use on her own as a face roller or to massage your oils, masks, serums or moisturizers deeper into the skin, increasing their effectiveness. On a deeper level, Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone for self love, unconditional love, friendship and acceptance. An all round, beauty must-have!

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